Yellow Flag-Iris

On May 21st, a group of volunteers from Friends of Bridge Lake and the Invasive Species Council of B.C., visited two sites on Bridge Lake which had infestations of yellow flag iris. Under the direction of Catherine Tarasoff (of Agrowest Canada), who has been studying yellow flag iris for several years, benthic barriers (a type of heavy duty PVC vinyl) were spread across the infested area after the plants had been cut back. The barriers were spread over the whole area and secured with spikes and rocks to cover both the land are and the water where the plants were present. The barriers will be left in place for at least four months, and the areas on land may need to be left in place for over a year to make sure all the roots of the plants have died. Both areas will be monitored to see if the treatment has been successful.

For more information on the Yellow flag-iris (Iris pseudacorus) and other invasive plants please visit the Invasive Species Council of B.C. web site.