Interlakes Official Community Plan

An Official Community Plan is a document intended to be a statement of broad objectives and policies regarding the form and character of land uses within the geographical area affected by the Plan. Its relation to a zoning bylaw is explained in the Introduction to the Interlakes Official Community Plan.

Public input to the Interlakes Official Community Plan was gathered in 2003 through a questionnaire, the results of which are documented in the Interlake Area OCP Background Study (pdf 2.4 MByte). In 2004 the new plan was approved to replace the 20 year old Interlakes Official Settlement Plan.

For your information, an electronic copy of the Interlakes Official Community Plan is available here.

Since Official Community Plans are expected to guide development for many years, it is expected that changes will be made from time to time to reflect changing conditions. It is often described as a “living” document. The extent to which changes are permitted is a “judgement call” made by the CRD Board of Directors, taking into consideration the advice they receive from Planning Services staff, the Advisory Planning Commission, other regulatory authorities and the public.