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Lone Butte, B.C.,Canada, V0K 1X0


Memo to the Board of Directors of the Friends of Bridge Lake Society - February 9th, 2011

The purpose of this memo is to provide you with an update on the status of the application by Cariboo Heritage Land Developments Ltd (“CHLD”) to the Provincial Government to exchange Heritage Island for a parcel of Crown land on the south shore of Bridge Lake. The application and review process by government has taken a considerable period of time starting with the original application by CHLD in late 2008 and only resulting in an agreement, as outlined below, in January of this year. A public information meeting was held on the original application over two years ago.

We have now concluded an agreement in principle relating to a particular parcel, within the original application area, which the Ministry of Natural Resource Operations (“MNRO” - formerly the Integrated Land Management Bureau) has recommended for consideration in exchange for the Island. The area involved is about 18 hectares which is less than half that originally applied for by CHLD. We understand that MNRO has already sent a letter to Friends of Bridge Lake (Atten. Jim Dunbar) which confirms this information. As stated in that letter, a number of conditions remain to be satisfied prior to a final decision being made by MNRO.

The agreement relating to the area of land to be considered for the exchange was reached after a thorough and wide ranging consideration by MNRO of the whole issue of development of the Island and the wishes of the local community to see it returned to public ownership. The very extensive public consultation process undertaken by MNRO was designed to take into consideration all of the issues raised by members of the community both at the previous public information meeting and in all correspondence received by them during the process as well as the interests of the Province.

Both MNRO and CHLD have put tremendous effort into alleviating or mitigating all concerns raised about the proposed exchange from members of the public. We believe that once full details of the proposed exchange are settled and can be made public the community will endorse the view that it is a reasonable compromise that generally enhances the public interests of the Bridge Lake area. Perhaps the two most significant differences between the original exchange application and that currently under consideration is firstly, that the size of the exchange area is, as said, less than half that originally proposed and secondly, that the exchange area is separated by some 1140 feet of Crown land from the Greenall Road neighborhood. We understand that MNRO will also be recommending to Victoria that this entire area between the exchange lands and the Greenall Road subdivision be included in a revised UREP reserve designation as part of the approval process. We have expressed our support for this proposal. At present, as you are probably aware, only a shoreline strip is included in the existing UREP.

We have previously met with Bruce Rattray, the CRD Area L Director, to inform him of the basic proposal and we will be hosting a second public information meeting on the revised proposal on February 28th at the Roe Lake Community Hall at which time we plan to be in a position to provide specific details of the exchange and the proposed development. After this public information meeting a rezoning application will be submitted which will go through the usual public processes.

The purpose of our meeting with the Directors tonight is to keep our commitment to inform the Friends of Bridge Lake Society first on any proposed agreement reached with the Crown and to answer any preliminary questions the Board may have.




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