Community Safety and Security

Security – Call 911 for the police

Many residents of the Bridge Lake area are members of Rural Crime Watch and Citizens on Patrol (COPS) and participate in a telephone network for reporting suspicious persons or activities. With the large number of vacant seasonal dwellings at various times of the year, it is important for neighbours to watch out for one another’s properties.

Ambulance – Call 911 for a medical emergency

Although it can take up to 50 minutes for an ambulance to travel to Bridge Lake, many of the members of the Interlake Volunteer Fire Department are fully trained as First Responders, live nearby and may be able to provide assistance until the ambulance and paramedics arrive.

Residential Fire – Call 911 for a fire emergency

The Bridge Lake area is serviced by the Interlakes Volunteer Fire Department, which bases fire trucks and emergency response equipment at three locations in the area.

Forest Fire – To report a forest fire, call 1-800-663-5555

When reporting a wildfire, be prepared to provide the size, type and approximate location of the fire. For those who are technically inclined, GPS coordinates are particularly useful.

Power Outage – To report a power outage, call B.C. Hydro at 1-888-769-3766

Power outages seem to be more frequent in recent years. The combination of severe windstorms and a large number of beetle killed trees along the hydro right of ways has resulted in frequent cases of downed power lines. BC Hydro’s website provides useful information on preparing for power outages, safe use of emergency generators, safety concerns from downed power lines, as well as the status of outages. This is a good site to visit before the lights go off!

Wildlife – To report an incident involving wildlife, call the B.C. Ministry of Environment

at 1-877-952-7277 for an emergency or call 250-395-5511 (100 Mile House office) for non-emergency situations. The Ministry of Environment’s Conservation Service will respond to incidents involving wildlife or violations of the fisheries, wildlife or environmental protection laws. Emergency situations include those where there is an immediate risk to humans (ie animal attack) or a serious case of poaching or environmental pollution.

Bylaw Enforcement – to report violations, call 250-395-3838 (CRD Bylaw Enforcement Officer)