The (enhanced) Bridge Lake Provincial Park

When asked about the “Bridge Lake Provincial Park”, people usually point you to the small campground on the south-eastern end of the lake. As you can see below however, this is only a very small part of the current 434 ha (1072 ac) park area.

Bridge Lake Provincial Park map

The original Bridge Lake Provincial Park, now the park’s campground, was established on March 16, 1956. Just two years later the “Bridge Lake Centennial Park” was created and later added to the Bridge Lake Provincial Park as a second parcel in 2003. Finally in April 2013, after more than a decade of consultations, the park in it’s current boundaries was established. It now includes an additional 560 ac shoreland to the south and west of the Stack Lakes and all the islands in Bridge Lake.

Here are some statistical data for the Provincial Park:

Provincial Park
Total area (2019)1,072.4 ac
Total mainland area587.1 ac
– Campground22.0 ac
– Centennial Park565.1 ac
Total island area494.3 ac
– Long Island196.7 ac