Friends of Bridge Lake Society

Who we are:

Established in January 2008 and incorporated as a society on April 5, 2008 in response to the proposed development of an island at the west end of the lake, Friends of Bridge Lake is made up of residents, property owners, and visitors to the Bridge Lake area of British Columbia who share a common interest in preserving the unique environment, culture and character of the area.

Our purpose:

  • To support activities that contribute to the preservation of the natural environment, traditional character and culture of the Bridge Lake area of British Columbia
  • To work with governments, organizations and individuals to develop and implement sustainable land and water use practices particularly in the Bridge Lake area of British Columbia
  • To provide a forum for Bridge Lake area property owners to share information, concerns and ideas related to the use of local area lands and waters

Click here to view the Society’s full constitution and bylaws.

Our current and planned activities:

It is expected that there will continue to be a need for the Friends of Bridge Lake to monitor development activities in the Bridge Lake area. However, as the capacity of the society develops, more activities will be undertaken to support community activities and groups, promote the protection of water quality and preservation of wildlife habitat, and work with other organizations that share similar objectives.

Our Board of Directors:

Chris Lance (President)250-593-0042
Cindy Valley (Vice-President)250-593-4263
Marsha Jerred (Secretary)250-593-4145
Lydia de Groot (Treasurer, Membership)250-593-0364
Fearon Blair (Summer Speakers Organizer)250-372-1873
Jane Atherton (Director-at-large)
Catherine Hudson (Director-at-large)250-593-4664

How to join:

Fill out and send in your membership application pdf to:

Friends of Bridge Lake
Box 192
Bridge Lake  BC  V0K 1E0

Please include a cheque made payable to Friends of Bridge Lake. The current annual membership fees are:

  • individual membership – $15
  • family membership – $20
  • corporate membership – $50

How to volunteer:

While financial support for the organization is important, the society gains its strength from its core of volunteers. If you would like to contribute your skills and experience, contact one of the Directors listed above or write to us at: