Newsletter, Fall 2018


After a very early snowstorm with a foot of snow in most areas around the lake, the remainder of October was mild and warm, allowing residents to catch up on all the preparations for winter which were interrupted by the snow. Now, in the second half of November, we still have not had another appreciable snowfall, but temperatures are gradually declining and some of the shallower lakes are beginning to freeze, so winter probably won’t be long to follow.

It has been a relatively quiet summer and fall, fortunately with no repeat of the catastrophic fire season of last year in this area, although places further north were not so lucky. Many residents are taking heed of recommendations to “Fire Smart” their properties, as evidenced by the substantial increase in the amount of brush and trimmings being taken to the Interlakes landfill.

As mentioned in our last newsletter, the re-opened CRD library is now in operation at Interlakes corner, and the parking area and some landscaping around the building has been done at last. The ramp to the entrance is still not covered, making it hazardous to use in snowy or icy conditions, but hopefully this will be rectified before winter sets in.

Logging at the ‘land swap’ site has ended and the site has now been put up for sale. Further work has been done at the ‘Ice Caves’ development. A sign has been installed at the highway and the parking area has been gravelled. Footbridges have been built so that visitors can look down into the rock fissures, but the stairway down to the lake shore is incomplete and only one ‘fitness station’ has been completed thus far.

A highlight of the summer was the performance of the RCMP Musical Ride at the Interlakes Rodeo on July 21st and 22nd. Spectators reached record numbers on Sunday to enjoy the spectacle and get a close-up look at the beautiful horses.

As usual, Anne Paas and her team of volunteers participated in the Bird Studies Canada annual loon survey and the results for this year are attached at the bottom of this newsletter. Thank you to all the volunteers who gave their time to take part in the survey.

Our Summer Speakers talks ran throughout July and August covering a wide variety of topics. The subject of Forestry activity in the Bridge Lake area attracted a large and vocal audience, although most of those who attended were not members of FOBL. The motive behind the Summer Speakers series is to provide information on topics likely to interest our membership at a time when summer residents can be present. Our Summer Speakers sessions have been running for ten consecutive years now, but after this length of time new topics to discuss and new speakers to present them are becoming harder to find. So, perhaps it is time to take a break or change the format and do something different. We are looking for feedback and new ideas from FOBL members in particular, so please contact us at

As mentioned in our last newsletter, the Management Plan for the recently enlarged Bridge Lake Provincial Park is now complete and can be found on BC Parks website ( We are hoping that there will be a budget for new signage and improvement of the access road to the Centennial Park addition, which is in poor condition. We intend to contact BC Parks officials early in the New Year to find out what the plans are for the coming year.

For the last couple of years, we have combined our Annual General Meeting with one of the Summer Speakers talks, in the hope of increasing attendance. Nevertheless, attendance at this year’s AGM was the lowest in the ten years of FOBL’s existence. However, we are fortunate to have gained a new Board member in Jane Atherton, who is a seasonal resident. Any organization like ours needs volunteers willing to give a little time, contribute new ideas, and share in the task of keeping the membership interested and involved. Otherwise, the organization’s reason for existence withers away. We have some ideas we would like to pursue, such as drafting a booklet of walking and/or cycling trails in the area, a description of places of local historical interest, and a checklist of the wildlife that can be seen in the Bridge Lake area. If you value the continued existence of Friends of Bridge Lake, please consider becoming more involved by contributing to these proposals, and offering your views or at least providing some feedback about what you see as the future and purpose of the organization.

We have received many membership renewals, but if you have not yet renewed your membership and would like to remain on the mailing list for newsletters etc., please consider doing so. Thank you for your continuing support.

Chris Lance (President)

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