Newsletter, June 2019


Now that many seasonal residents are returning to the area, a problem has come to light which we would like to draw to your attention. Some residents at the south-eastern end of the lake have discovered a large infestation of yellow-green algae along the shoreline (see pictures below). This was present last year at some of the same properties, but it has spread further

yellow-green algae yellow-green algae yellow-green algae yellow-green algae

and now runs from the Provincial Park further eastward. There are also floating mats of the same alga on the open water by the boat launch in the park. As you can see from the pictures, this algal 'bloom' covers quite a large area and is an unpleasant sight, as well as making swimming and boating impossible where it occurs. We would like to know if there are any other areas on the lake which have been similarly affected. At present, we are trying to discover what has caused the growth of this alga and what we can do to get rid of it. Please let us know if you have found similar occurrences elsewhere on the lake.

The Provincial park boat launch is used by many visitors to the Cariboo, and we are concerned that this alga could be spread to other lakes by visitors' boats.

Yellow Flag Iris. On May 21st, a group of volunteers from Friends of Bridge Lake and the Invasive Species Council of B.C., visited two sites on Bridge Lake which had infestations of yellow flag iris, an invasive species that smothers native plants. Barriers were installed to try to kill the iris and prevent spread. If any members are aware of other areas where yellow flag iris is present, please let us know, as we would like to stop the spread of this plant.

Protecting loons. In the past two weeks, we have also installed signs at several public access points around the lake asking boaters to slow down to 5kph near the shoreline to avoid disturbing nesting loons. We also intend to install signs at the Park boat launch. We hope this will help to ensure that loons will be able to breed successfully this year.

Summer Speakers Series. We have decided to take a break this year from our usual Summer Speakers Series. It has become more difficult to come up with new ideas for interesting talks, and no topics have been suggested by members. If you would like to see these talks resume next year, please suggest some topics and we will try to find suitable speakers.

We hope everyone will have a pleasant and fire-free summer.

Chris Lance (President)

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