Newsletter, Fall 2016

Here we are in mid-November, with no snow as yet, and daytime temperatures in high single, and sometimes double digits! After a wet and disappointing summer, the mild and fairly dry fall has been a bonus.

Summer around here this year seemed quieter than usual, with the continual rain probably playing a part. There were definitely less boats on the lake, although the word is that fishing was good.

Fall 2016

Summer Speakers

We had a very successful Summer Speakers’ series, with an interesting range of topics and excellent attendance. Many thanks go to our director Fearon Blair who did most of the work finding speakers and arranging the schedule. In the New Year, we will start thinking about talks for next summer, and would like to hear from anyone who has a topic in mind, or who knows a prospective speaker on a subject of interest. Please contact us at

A.G.M./Loon Survey

Our 8th AGM was held on July 16th. A copy of the President’s report is attached. One of the items we usually have at the AGM is an update on the Loon Watch which is carried out annually on Bridge Lake. Anna Paas, who collects this information, was unable to be present, so a report can be read on our website, in the “Loon Watch” section.

This last year, we have lost some of our volunteers, so only a portion of the lake was surveyed. We would like to be able to survey the entire lake again next year as complete information is obviously more valuable. Whether you spend a few week-ends in the Bridge Lake area each summer or live here permanently, if you enjoy boating and watching waterfowl, this would be an interesting and worthwhile task. It is not a very onerous commitment: you are required to survey at least once in June (for loon pairs), once in July (for newly hatched chicks) and once in August (for the number of young that survive). Name a bay or an area of the lake you are willing to cover if you are willing to help. Please contact us at the e-mail address above.

Another note of interest for “birders” - Trumpeter swans arrived at the east end of the lake on November 1st, and are now seen regularly, especially in the morning.

Lake Accesses

A map and updated list of lake accesses showing where you can launch a boat or have access for ice fishing can be found on our website here.

Bridge Lake Provincial Park Management Plan

We are still awaiting a draft of the management plan for the extended park.

Logging proposal

A proposal has been put forward by Norbord to apply for a cutting permit (No. 222) to log 8 blocks of aspen trees in the Bridge Lake area. These blocks are in the area around Eagan Lake Road, Eugene Lake, Knight Lake Road, Rutherford Lake, Burn Lake and Webb Lakes (see map attached). This is an area which contains several guest ranches, many recreational trails, (both hiking and riding trails), and land used for cattle grazing. The proposed logging would severely impact all these activities. Following protests from affected residents in the area, Norbord deferred Blocks 5-7 and were going to recommend that MFLNRO designate this area an OGMA (Old Growth Management Area), so that it will be protected from future logging. However, the company still intends to apply for a permit to log the other blocks (1-4, and 8). If you wish to find out more information or to express your concern, contact:

Please contact us at any time with comments and suggestions and welcome to new members and residents in our scenic and peaceful area.

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