Annual General Meeting 2016

First of all, I would like to welcome everyone to the 8th Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Bridge Lake. We hope you will join us for refreshments at the end of the meeting.

I would like to move the adoption of the agenda.

A month after our last AGM, our then President, Les Anderson, sold his property at Bridge Lake, and moved permanently down to the Lower Mainland. As the Vice President, I agreed to take over as President for the remainder of the year, Martin Dournovo took over the position of Vice President, and Catherine Hudson became Secretary, a position also shared by Marsha Jerred, who joined the Board of Directors shortly afterwards. Carl Gagnier, one of our present directors, is at present living in Sweden, and will return in a year`s time. Diane Hopp resigned her position as director during the year.

This has been an eventful year for FoBL and for the community at large. Several events over the course of the year will continue to have an impact on residents for many years to come.

In October, we had a long-awaited meeting with Peter Weilandt, B.C. Parks Planner for the Cariboo-Thompson region, which began the process of putting together a Management Plan for the expanded Bridge Lake Provincial Park. The purpose of the meeting was to gather information from the public on the extent to which they would like to see the Park developed and the values and issues they considered important. It was hoped that a draft plan would be prepared by the end of the year, but due to pressures of work, this has not yet happened. We hope to see a draft plan available in the near future. In the meantime, a summary of the October meeting can be found on our website.

In mid-October, there was a review of issues related to the current governance model of the Interlakes area of the Cariboo Regional District. The review was carried out by George Abbott, former government minister and M.L.A. Individuals and groups were interviewed and a further meeting was held in December to present the report. A copy of the report, which makes interesting reading, can be found on our website.

In April, we held a joint meeting with the Lac des Roches Watershed Society to discuss common issues and concerns and to seek ways we may be able to work together to pursue common goals. We will continue to liaise with this group on an ongoing basis.

On June 8th, a Public Hearing was held concerning the proposed development on Bridge Lake on the Crown Land which was to be exchanged for Heritage (Rainbow) Island. The final chapter of this long-running saga was concluded on June 30th, when the rezoning application and OCP amendment was f approved by CRD and the development of 19 2 acre lots will now go ahead. After 8 years, this issue, which led to the formation of FoBL, was finally concluded.

Also on June 30th, Bridge Lake Elementary School closed the doors for the last time, despite a spirited campaign by the community to keep it open.

In the 8 years since our formation, we have continued to try to fulfill our mandate: to preserve the character and culture of the area and to promote conservation of our environment, which we believe is one of the main attractions for people to live in and visit the area. We have continued to hold our Summer Speakers` Series, to send out newsletters several times a year to keep our local and non-resident members informed about important issues and events in our community. We hope we can continue to count on your support.

I would like to thank my fellow directors for all their work and support over the last year: Glenda, Fearon, Martin, Catherine, Marsha and Carl. Many thanks also to Karl Schmitz, who continues to do a great job maintaining our website. You can contact Friends of Bridge Lake at any time to find out information, or make a suggestion by going to

Thank you,
Chris Lance (President)