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Who we are

Friends of Bridge Lake is a group of Bridge Lake area residents and “friends” who share a common interest in preserving the unique environment, culture and character of the area.

Our activities and interests include:

  • protection of the lake’s environment and water quality
  • support of the local community and community groups
  • appropriate land use planning

This website is intended to provide a means of sharing news and information of interest to local property owners, residents, and others who enjoy the lifestyle and recreation available in this beautiful corner of the Cariboo.


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That’s why we are doing it ...

Black Terns over reed island in Bridge Lake

The Black Tern is generally found in or near inland waters. As its name suggests, it has predominantly dark plumage. Adult are about 10" long, with a wing span of 24". In flight, the build appears slim. The wing- beats are full and dynamic, and flight is often erratic as it dives to the surface for food.

Northern Pygmy Owl

Pygmy owls are up to 6 inches in overall length and are gray, brownish-gray or rufous in colour. Their breeding habitat includes open to semi-open woodlands of foothills and mountains in western North America. Males will regularly perch at the top of the tallest available conifer trees to issue their territorial call.