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The Friends of Bridge Lake were unfortunately not able to continue operation without a strong involvement of the community. Consequently, the organisation was dissolved in January 2021.

This web site will stay online until July 1st (Canada Day!!), so everybody visiting the weather pages can continue to do so.

Beginning in mid June, you will be automatically transfered to a new site that will carry the Bridge Lake weather in the future and you will be asked to update your bookmarks - if you have any.

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That’s why we are doing it ...

Bonaparte’s Gull showing breeding colors

Bonaparte's Gull showing breeding colors

The Bonaparte's Gull is a small gull. Adults are 31-34 cm long with a 79-84 cm wingspan. Their breeding habitat is near bogs or lakes in coniferous forest across western Canada and Alaska. They nest in conifers, sometimes on the ground.

Loon feeding on small fish

Loon feeding on small fish

Loons find their prey by sight. They eat mainly fish, supplemented with amphibians, crustaceans and similar mid-sized aquatic fauna. They prefer clear lakes because they can see their prey more easily through the water.