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The Friends of Bridge Lake are unfortunately not able to continue operating without the involvement of the community. Since for the past two years no new president or directors could be found, the current directors decided to dissolve the organisation. This process is currently in its final stages, so the Friends of Bridge Lake will cease to exist in the near future.

Regardless, we are really thankful for your support in the past twelve years!

This web site will stay online for another few month, so everybody visiting the weather pages can continue to do so. Ultimately, the weather pages will be moved to a new web site, independent of the Friends of Bridge Lake.

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That’s why we are doing it ...

Northern Great Horned Owl nestling

Northern Great Horned Owl nestling

Great Horned Owls are some of the earliest-breeding birds in North America. They breed in late January or early February, often taking over a nest used by some other large bird, sometimes adding feathers to line the nest but usually not much more. The Great Horned Owl is the provincial bird of Alberta.

Bonaparte’s Gull showing breeding colors

Bonaparte's Gull showing breeding colors

The Bonaparte's Gull is a small gull. Adults are 31-34 cm long with a 79-84 cm wingspan. Their breeding habitat is near bogs or lakes in coniferous forest across western Canada and Alaska. They nest in conifers, sometimes on the ground.